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We believe there are many benefits to switching from gasoline to clean, but we need to hear from YOU.

Take 5 minutes. Lend your voice. Share your thoughts on this question:

Why do you believe it’s important to switch from gasoline vehicles to clean alternatives like electric vehicles?

(EVEN IF YOU DRIVE A GAS CAR, sharing your thoughts on the need for the country to make the switch away from gasoline is important. It will help ensure that all vehicle makes and models, including the one you drive now, are powered by clean electricity in the future.)

Here’s what to do:

Record a short video (up to 30 seconds) of yourself following this general pattern:

a.   “My name is (first name)”

b.   “I’m (tell a bit about yourself: your position/job, student, mom/dad etc)”

c.   “I think it’s important for us to switch from gasoline to electric vehicles and other clean alternatives (use wording that feels right to you) because __________.”

Send the file to

OR, if you prefer, complete this sentence in writing: “It’s important for us to get off gasoline and move to electric vehicles and other clean alternatives because ____________.” Then Send what you wrote, along with a photo of yourself, to

Remember: Send what you recorded/wrote to

We’ll publish as many of your testimonials as possible on this website and/or Coltura’s Facebook page.

Thanks for helping make a difference!