Gasoline Ghosts 2018, 2016

Artist: Matthew Metz & Alison Ramer


Location: Numerous locations in San Francisco and Seattle

Exhibited: September 2018; June-October, 2016

Awards: Sustainable Seattle Arts and Culture Award

The clowning gasoline ghosts are the ghosts of the 58,000 people who die annually of car pollution.  Wrapped in the hose and nozzle, they remind motorists of our quasi-suicidal addiction to gasoline


KRON TV Channel 4, 9-13-18: Ghosts of Gasoline

Univision, 9-13-18: Ghosts of Gasoline

The Stranger, 9-17-16, “Can Performance Art Fight Climate Change?”

The Seattle Channel, 9-16-16, “Art Zone: Matthew Metz, Coltura Gas”

KOMO Radio, 9-9-16, Interview Matthew Metz, “Gasoline Ghosts”

The Seattle Times, 9-6-16 ”Seattle Street Clowns Aim To Provoke Smiles, Change Hearts On Gasoline Use”


My Child, Our Air Mural 2017


Artist: Craig Cundiff

Location: 969 S. Nebraska St., Seattle

Exhibited: October 2017-Present

My Child, Our Air is a 30’ high by 70’ wide mural located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  The mural depicts the artist’s young son, already a victim of vehicle-caused air pollution.


New Georgetown Protest Mural Takes on Climate Change, South Seattle Air Pollution


Gasoline Madonna 2017

Artist: Matthew Metz

Location: Seattle Central Library

Exhibited: September, 2017

Gasoline Madonna is a mixed-media sculpture.  The heavy gasoline hose worn by the Madonna signifies the invisible weight of gasoline that we carry with us.






Gas Trap 2017

Artist: Matthew Metz & Samaj; Play by Alyssa Norling

Location: Numerous locations in Seattle, Vancouver, & Portland

Exhibited: March-November, 2017

The gas trap is a clear inflatable bubble connected to the tailpipe of a car.  When the performance starts, the trap fills with smoke.


Westender (Vancouver) 9-7-17

Roundhouse Radio 98.3 (Vancouver) 8-30-17

Georgia Straight (Vancouver) 8-29-17

This Inflatable Bubble Fills With Smoke. What Happens Next Is Art, Or A Guilt Trip


No Gasoline Concert 2017

Artists:  Kevin Blanquies, Videographer, Industrial Revelation, Bad Luck, and Lori Goldston, Musicians, Jesse Hughey, Producer

Location: Lo-Fi Club, Seattle

Exhibited: June 30, 2017

The No Gasoline concert required all performers and concert goers to arrive without use of gasoline.  Musicians played to a projection about gasoline.  The concert was a statement to cultural institutions about the possibilities for doing no-gasoline events.


No Gasoline Day 2015

Artist: Samaj Hall

Location: Broad and Denny, Seattle

Exhibited: October, 2015

This performance piece featured hazmat-suit clad actors checking for and protecting themselves from contamination around a gas station.


Bad Habits Video 2015

Artist: Samaj

Location: Gas Station in Seattle

Exhibited: July, 2015

The “Bad Habits” video was shot inside a working gasoline station.  The video culminates with the actors “breaking up” with gasoline.