Support California Clean Cars!

6/2019 UPDATE: Success! Coltura and the Yes Clean Cars coalition worked with Assemblyman Phil Ting to advance AB 40. The bill was blocked in the Assembly Transportation Committee, but survived as a $1.5 m budget item

“for a study to identify strategies to significantly reduce emissions from vehicles and to achieve carbon neutrality in the sector, including the transition to zero-emission light-duty vehicles, in particular, passenger vehicles, the transition to zero-emission heavy vehicles, and the adoption of other technology to significantly reduce emissions from heavy vehicles; the role of alternative fuels; and the impact of land use policy.”

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Tell your lawmakers to support AB 40, California’s bill to create a strategy for switching to clean cars starting with model-year 2040.

Coltura has called for legislation to phase out gas vehicles in California, and Assemblyman Phil Ting has introduced AB40, the “AB40 for 2040” bill. This bill directs the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop a strategy for all new cars sold starting with model year 2040 to be Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). (Older gasoline cars would be grandfathered in.)

A move to ZEVs in California would have far-reaching impacts. Ten other states (Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont) follow California’s ZEV mandate. Together they represent 30% of new auto sales in the U.S.

Please add your support for this bill by signing the letter below. Based on your address, we’ll deliver your letter to your representative.

Dear Assembly Member,

This is to urge you to support AB40 for 2040, the bill that requires development of a comprehensive strategy to phase out sales of new gasoline cars in California by 2040. Gasoline is the biggest source of carbon emissions and air pollution in California. Making a complete shift away from gasoline to clean alternatives is critical to avert climate disaster, promote environmental and economic justice, and cut rates of asthma, cancers, dementia and other health impacts of car exhaust.

If California moves away from gasoline cars, other states representing almost a third of all cars in the US will follow suit. We can’t afford to wait and see if the free market moves us to clean alternatives. Like with seat belts, air bags and catalytic converters, we need government action to ensure the end of gasoline era as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know if you will support AB40.