Act now to support clean cars in California


Imagine if you had the choice to drive any model of vehicle you wanted, without polluting the air and contributing to climate change. 

Our gasoline vehicles are the single biggest source of air pollution, responsible for asthma, cancers, heart and lung diseases and thousands of premature deaths each year. They're also the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Clean alternatives, predominantly electric vehicles (EVs), are already viable for many people. With EVs, our fuel dollars are spent on local electricity that's clean and getting cleaner, rather than on foreign oil. Improvements in affordability, variety (including SUVs and trucks) and EV charging infrastructure are in the works. To speed up the transition, we need policy ensuring a market for these cleaner cars.

That policy is here. After Coltura called for legislation to phase out gas vehicles, California Assembly Member Phil Ting introduced AB 1745, the “Clean Cars 2040” Act. (Click here for the AB 1745 Fact Sheet, and here for Coltura’s op ed supporting the bill.)

This bill requires that, starting in 2040, the California DMV will register new cars only if they are zero emissions vehicles.  Californians would be able to keep their old gas cars and purchase gas cars built before the 2040 model year.

While Coltura’s position is that gas cars can and must be phased out by 2030, we support this bill’s call for an end to polluting gasoline vehicles. We will work to ensure that the phase-out occurs long before 2040, but the mere act of establishing a sunset date will create market certainty and enable a smooth, orderly, fair transition.

We are building a coalition of organizations to support the Clean Cars 2040 bill. The Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Stand.Earth, Center for Climate Protection, 350 Bay Area, NextGen California, Brightline Defense and Fossil Free California are among the chief supporters.

Your support now is critical to put us on a speedy path to better health, cleaner air, a stronger economy and a more sustainable existence.

WHAT TO DO: Please use the easy button at to ask your representatives to say YES! to clean cars.