How to Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

An Overview From A Nonprofit Fighting For More EVs

One can find public electric car charging stations in many different types of locations--from major shopping centers to street corners to courthouses and even in the driveways to private homes. Most of the roughly 100,000 stations are open to the public and a large number are free.

Many stations, though, require payment, membership or for you to work on premises. It might take a little planning to find the best ones for you. But at least you won’t be sucking in gas station fumes when you get there!

When you’re in a pinch, or if you want to find a way to charge for free along your route, use one of these applications. All three are available on the web or on Android and iOS.

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The 3 Best Applications to Find Charging Stations


If you’re going to use one app to find stations, this should be it. They do an excellent job with the user experience, have great filters and many stations are listed.

Open Charge Map

This is an open source map that a coalition of companies, nonprofits and users keep up. It also has a large listing of electric charging stations and is well designed. It’s worth downloading as well - especially to check it against PlugShare for your most common routes.

Alternative Fueling Stations

The US Department of Energy runs this mapping app. It may not end up being your go-to app, but it can be valuable to have downloaded.

Alternative Ways To Find Charging Stations

You might have some luck searching for stations on Google Maps, but their listings are very limited. Other companies such as FLO, ChargePoint and even Tesla offer ways to find their network of charging stations. However, PlugShare and Open Charge Map both offer a much better selection and a high-quality user experience.


We hope this helps you find electric charging stations where you need them. We want to see many more electric vehicles and stations on the roads. We’re sure you do too. They’re cheaper, better for our health and for our planet.

This is why our nonprofit is laser-focused on phasing out gasoline. The government needs to know that we won’t put up with gasoline much longer.

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