Electric Vehicles Are The Future

The signs are there - electric vehicles are the future.

The signs are there - electric vehicles are the future.

There are many reasons why electric vehicles will drive our future.

But why wait?

Here are just some of the reasons why electric vehicles should be taking over the US today:

Gasoline is more expensive than electricity

Pure and simple. And it’s only going to get cheaper and cleaner in the US.

Gasoline cars Generally need much more maintenance than electric vehicles

With electric vehicles there are no oil changes, no timing belts, fan belts, spark plugs, head gaskets, cylinder heads, air filters exhausts, transmission fluids or mufflers. There are only 20 moving parts in an electric vs 2,000 parts in a gas car. EVs also have regenerative braking that uses the electric motor to slow the car, allowing further savings on brake pads and rotors. In sum, there is a lot less that could go wrong with your electric vehicle's parts.

Gasoline Vehicles Are worse for our environment

Every gallon of gas burned emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. The transportation sector is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the US.

gas fumes are worse for our health

Vehicle emissions account for 80% of smog-causing air pollution. They increase risks of asthma, heart and lung disease, dementia and cancers – especially in children and for those who live near busy roads or commute long distances.

Gasoline Vehicles cost our economy

Not only does much of the money paid for gasoline go out of the US economy to OPEC but the economic cost of gasoline because of the damage to our health and climate is enormous.

A Gasoline-Free America Is The Future

And it should be our present.

At least fifteen countries have announced plans to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) cars as early as 2025. 

Although the adverse health, climate and economic impacts from gasoline are massive, 99% of vehicles in the U.S. are gas-powered.

Historically pioneers of the automotive industry, Americans need to step up. 

We need to stop wasting money on gasoline vehicles that are costly for our pockets, health and climate.

The sooner the better.

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