Businesses own many of the vehicles on the road. Those businesses that join the new global initiative EV100 commit to electrify their fleet of vehicles by 2030. Customers, clients and shareholders of the companies with the biggest fleets can make a huge dent in the number of gas vehicles on the road by getting these companies to join the EV100.


You can make a difference by contacting businesses with large fleets. Here’s what to do:

1.     Choose a company with a large vehicle fleet from the list here.

2.     Customize the template below and send your message.

Dear [Name of Company],

[Explain your relationship to the company -- a customer, client, shareholder, live near their offices, enjoy their products/services, etc.]

This is to ask [company] to join the EV100 initiative. Joining this initiative would mean that you commit to accelerating the transition away from gasoline vehicles, by taking such actions as electrifying your vehicle fleet by 2030, installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure on your premises, and encouraging or incentivizing employees and customers/clients to transition away from gasoline vehicles.

I am concerned about the toxic air pollution and carbon emissions from burning gasoline, and I hope you are too. Please join EV100, and move to clean vehicles as quickly as possible, for our health and well-being of ourselves and future generations.


[Your name, address, and phone]

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