Call for A Phase-Out of Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

To prevent climate catastrophe, we must shift quickly away from gasoline-powered vehicles to clean alternatives. We can’t afford to wait.

Transportation powered by gasoline and diesel fuel is America’s single biggest source of carbon emissions, contributing to warming temperatures on land and in the oceans, resulting in unprecedented natural disasters.

Extracting, transporting, refining and using oil and gasoline causes harm to people, air, water, land, animals, and plants.

Gasoline vehicle exhaust pollutes the air, causing asthma, heart and lung disease, cancer, dementia and thousands of premature deaths each year. Vehicle exhaust affects children, disadvantaged communities and communities of color the most, with disproportionate health, financial and quality of life impacts.

In the past, we adopted reasonable vehicle regulations to require seat belts, airbags, catalytic converters, unleaded gas and other improvements to protect health and safety. It’s time to act again.

Electricity is already viable as a clean alternative to gasoline. Costs to fuel and maintain an electric vehicle are already cheaper than for gas cars, and electric vehicle sticker prices are forecast to be cheaper by the mid 2020s.

To protect public health, clean the air, slow a rapidly warming climate, and promote economic and environmental justice, we call on our local, state and federal government officials to ensure that, starting with model-year 2030, all new passenger vehicles sold are clean, zero emissions vehicles, not gasoline or diesel vehicles.

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About Coltura

Coltura is an award-winning nonprofit based in Seattle. We are the first organization to call out gasoline consumption as undesirable and anti-social -- a bad habit that people concerned about health and climate change should avoid.

Coltura’s unique focus on changing the cultural acceptability of gasoline through art, social media and grassroots political action is starting new conversations, impacting hearts and minds, and galvanizing support for policies to end gasoline.

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