1. 1 gallon of gasoline puts 20 pounds of CO2 into atmosphere. (Source)

  2. Gasoline use by individuals accounts for up to 45% of our carbon footprint. (Source) 

  3. Children born/living near busy streets have higher cancer risk of children living further away from them. (Source)

  4. Gasoline is a mixture of 15 chemicals that are known carcinogens. (Source)

  5. Storing gasoline in attached garages (including in small electric vehicles like lawnmowers) leads to much higher volatile organic compounds in house and increased respiratory symptoms. (Source)

  6. Average U.S. household spends $2,000 a year on gasoline. (Source)

  7. 33% of new vehicle registrations in Norway are electric cars. That compares to less than 1% in U.S. (Source)

  8. Electric cars cost about 1.5 cents in fuel cost per mile in Puget Sound area (assuming $.06 per kilowatt hour and 4 miles per kilowatt hour). Gasoline costs about 10 cents per mile. (assuming gas costs $2.50 per gallon and a car going $.25 per gallon). (Source)

  9. Gasoline and diesel emissions cause 53,000 deaths a year in U.S. (Source)

  10. The CO2 from one gallon of gas is enough to fill the bed of two full-size pickup trucks. (Source)