The love affair with gasoline is ending.

A summer of smog and record-breaking wildfires is making people think twice about their relationship with gasoline. Coltura’s danceable new song and video, “Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame)” helps them do just that.

“Gasoline is bad news,” says activist, artist and songwriter Franke James, “The world is ready for a gasoline breakup song. It’s time to tell this fossil fool we’ve found someone new.”

The music video features cameos by Bill McKibben, founder of and former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm.


Scored to a funky dance beat by Billiam James, the lyrics describe our frustrations with gasoline through the lens of a romance gone wrong. The production features vocals by hip-hop artists Missy DFrancis ArevaloSejal Lal, and Lindal. They are joined in the video by Bill McKibben, who sings along, “We gotta leave you in the ground.”

The germ of the idea for the gasoline breakup song arose out of Coltura’s improvisional theater and video work with Seattle troupe Unexpected Productions in 2015, where the theme of “breaking up with gasoline” first emerged. Inspired by Coltura's work, artists and activists Franke James and Billiam James created the Gasoline breakup song. Their goal was to musically capture this pivotal moment when people are finally ready to say goodbye to Gasoline... because they found someone new.

“Gasoline is like a bad relationship” says Matthew Metz, co-executive director of Coltura, the Executive Producers of the song. Metz continues, “Sure we can stay with gasoline, but why? It just getting worse. And we have real alternatives.”

Indeed, many listeners will relish the fun and thrill of telling their no-good lover, “I found someone new. Someone better, better than you.” (And then jumping into an electric vehicle and driving away.) Jennifer Granholm steps into the video to show her support for clean energy transportation, by singing along, “Change the way we move around.”

“Everyone needs to re-examine their relationship with gasoline,” says Metz, “Our goal is to inspire people to reject gasoline and embrace alternatives. Stopping gasoline use is the most effective way to address air pollution and climate change.”

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Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame)
Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame) is an original new song created and produced by Sound Activism. It features Missy DFrancis ArevaloSejal Lal, and Lindal. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and other networks.

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About Sound Activism
Sound Activism is a creative partnership between artists and activists Franke James and Billiam James. They are focused on creating songs and musical stories that raise awareness about environmental, health and social justice issues.
Twitter: @frankejames and @SoundActivism

About Coltura
Coltura is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization working to accelerate America’s transition towards clean alternatives to gasoline vehicles. Its goal is to spur adoption of clean, zero-emission vehicles, and phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles by 2030.
More information can be found at

Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame)

Lyrics by Franke James and Billiam James

The love affair with gasoline is ending
Soaring costs… forcing drivers
Abandon gas-powered
No matter where you live, gasoline prices are going up

You took me for a ride, and now we’re lost
I’m choking on your pollution trip
You’re making me cough. You’re turning me off
I’m breaking this relationship

Gasoline, Gasoline
You’re driving me insane
Gasoline, Gasoline
The world’s aflame
Gasoline, Gasoline
I found someone new
Someone better
Better than you

We had a good run, but now we’re done
You’re poisoning our atmosphere
You don’t even care, pumping dirt in our air
Leading us on, the end is near

You fossil fool, I reject your rule
We gotta leave you in the ground
I’m outta the door with my foot to the floor
We gotta leave you in the ground

Gasoline, Gasoline
You’re driving me insane
Gasoline, Gasoline
The world’s aflame
Gasoline, Gasoline
I found someone new
Someone better
Better than you

Sea levels are rising
Polar bears are dying
Our children are crying

Around the world countries are racing
To phase out gasoline cars

Gotta go quick, electric
Change the way we move around
Gotta go quick, electric
Change the way we move around

I got a new love, an electric flame
With free city charging and VIP parking
Zooming past you in the HOV lane
I’m clean and green, and my love is sparking

Gasoline, Gasoline
I got a new dream
Gasoline, Gasoline
I’m going green
Gasoline, Gasoline
I found someone new
And I’m leaving
Leaving you


Created by: Sound Activism
Lyrics: Franke James and Billiam James
Music: Franke James, Billiam James and Missy D
Featuring: Missy D, Francis Arevalo, Sejal Lal & Lindal
Saxophone: Lamar Alviar
Cameos: Bill McKibben, Jennifer Granholm
Music Production: The Beat Cave, David Tallarico

Executive Producer:
Produced by The James Gang Iconoclasts, Inc.


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