Gasoline, Gasoline

(The World’s Aflame)


Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame) is an original new song created and produced by Sound Activism with Coltura as executive producers. It features Missy D, Francis Arevalo, Sejal Lal, and Lindal.

It’s available on, Spotify – Spotify_Gasoline, Amazon – Amazon_Gasoline, iTunes – iTunes_Gasoline, Apple Music – AppleMusic_Gasoline and Google Play – GooglePlay_Gasoline. You can find the full lyrics and more info here.

Coltura is a nonprofit changing the culture on gasoline through art and activism. If you share our vision of a gasoline-free future, join us! Sign up for EV news, inspiration and political action:


Created by: Sound Activism
Lyrics: Franke James and Billiam James
Music: Franke James, Billiam James and Missy D

Featuring: Missy DFrancis ArevaloSejal Lal, and Lindal
Saxophone: Lamar Alviar
Music Production: The Beat Cave, David Tallarico

Executive Producer: Coltura
Produced by The James Gang Iconoclasts, Inc.

The music video features also cameos by Bill McKibben, founder of and former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm.

About Sound Activism
Sound Activism is a creative partnership between artists and activists Franke James and Billiam James. They are focused on creating songs and musical stories that raise awareness about environmental, health and social justice issues.

About Coltura
Coltura is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization working to accelerate America’s transition towards clean alternatives to gasoline vehicles. Its goal is to spur adoption of clean, zero-emission vehicles, and phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles by 2030.

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