Oppose Trump’s Clean Cars Rollback:

Tell Automakers to Join the California Agreement for Cleaner Cars and More EVs

No one supports stripping states of their rights to clean up pollution from cars.

And yet that’s exactly what the Trump administration is doing, by revoking the waiver under the federal Clean Air Act that allows California and other states to set tailpipe pollution standards and require that automakers stock electric vehicles at dealerships. The waiver protects climate, health and air quality, saves money at the pump, ensures the greatest selection of electric vehicles at the lowest prices.

Next, Trump plans to roll back federal clean car standards. That move will cost American consumers an estimated $460 billion in additional gasoline costs.

Only the oil industry supports less efficient, more polluting cars.

But there’s good news: Four automakers (Ford, Honda, VW and BMW) representing 30% of the U.S. auto market made their own deal with California for stronger standards than what Trump is proposing. These automakers know they’re capable of achieving the cleaner car standards, and that by doing so they’ll be better positioned to stay competitive in a growing global market for clean cars.

More automakers need to join this deal to ensure we move forward on cleaner cars no matter how much the current administration tries to send us backward. Several automakers are on the fence. Pressure from you could make the difference.

What to do:

Send an email to the heads of General Motors (Mary.Barra@gm.com), Toyota (Jim.Lentz@toyota.com), Hyundai (Kyungsoo_lee@hyundai.com), Daimler (Roger.Nielsen@daimler.com) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Mike.Manley@fcagroup.com), with a message something like this (even better in your own words):

Subject: Please join California agreement for cleaner cars and more electric vehicles

Dear _____,

The Trump administration is trying to roll back clean car standards, and revoke the ability of California and other states to require automakers to ensure that a certain percent of their cars sold in the state are zero emissions vehicles.

Four automakers (Ford, Honda, VW and BMW) signed an agreement with California to uphold clean car and EV standards, regardless of the administration’s attacks on them. Please join these automakers and sign the agreement, to stay competitive and be a leader in the transition to a clean-car future.

I look forward to your response.


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