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Green Car Reports, 4/28/22, California considers refocusing EV incentives toward low-income “gasoline superusers”

Niskanen Center, 4/25/22, Electric vehicle subsidies are going to the wrong drivers, and we’re paying for it in carbon and cash

The Post Millennial, 4/25,22, Washington state to spend $450,000 going after gasoline 'superusers'

Green Car Congress, 4/20/22, California “gasoline superuser” bill advances; focusing ZEV incentives on reducing gasoline use

Euro Journal, 4/19/22, California considers refocusing EV incentives towards low-income "gasoline superusers"

CNET, 4/18/22, Washington State Program Wants Gasoline Superusers to Go Electric

Fleet Management Weekly, 4/16/22, Washington State to Spend $450,000 Studying ‘Gasoline Superusers’

Auto Blog, 4/16/22, Washington state to spend $450,000 studying 'gasoline superusers'

The Community Voice, 4/15/22, Sebastopol to adopt ban on new gas stations

Green Car Reports, 4/12/22, Could studying “gasoline superusers” be a catalyst for EV policy? At least one state thinks so

Driving, 4/12/22, Are you a gas 'superuser'? U.S. state wants to get you to stop

Autoweek, 4/11/22, Should Other States Follow Washington’s 2030 Goal?

Herald Net, 4/11/22, Editorial: Switch to electric cars making increasing sense

Inside EVs, 4/9/22, Washington State Enacts 2030 Target For Fossil Fuel Phaseout

KUOW, 4/5/22, Washington wants drivers to plug into clean cars by 2030

NW News Network, 4/5/22, Washington wants drivers to plug into clean cars by 2030 before other West Coast states

Newsmax, 4/5/22, Washington State Gov. Inslee Signs Bill to Outlaw New Gas Vehicles by 2030

One Green Planet, 4/4/22, Washington State Moves to Ban All Gas-Powered Cars by 2030

Deseret News, 4/4/22, ‘It’s now or never’ on climate change action, official warns

Volts, 4/4/22, Volts podcast: Matthew Metz & Janelle London on gasoline superusers & smarter EV subsidies

The Post Millenial, 4/3/22, Gov. Jay Inslee signs Washington state bill to ban most non-electric cars by 2030

Kiro 7, 4/2/22, A year after veto, Gov. Inslee signs pledge to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

Climate Change Dispatch, 4/1/22, Climate-Obsessed Washington State Plans To Ban Most New Gas Cars

Fox 13, 4/1/22, Washington state sets 2030 goal to phase out gas cars

Connect CRE, 4/1/22, Washington State Aims to Set Deadline for Electric Cars

The Seattle Times, 4/1/22, ???? Check: WA sets 2030 goal to phase out gas cars

The Independent, 4/1/22, ???? Check: Washington state just made America’s most ambitious plan for electric vehicles

March 2022

The Daily Wire, 3/31/22, ???? Check: Washington State Plans To Outlaw Most New Gas Cars

Gear Junkie, 3/31/22, ???? Check: Washington State Signs Nation’s Earliest Gas Car Ban Into Law

RDN: Repairer Driven News, 3/30/22, ???? Check: Washington & Ohio legislators look toward EV future with new & proposed laws

Fleet News Daily, 3/29/22, Clean Cars 2030 Signed Into Law In Washington State

The Blaze, 3/29/22, ???? Check: Washington enacts plan to ban non-electric cars by 2030

Clean Technica, 3/29/22, ???? Check: Washington Could Ban Internal Combustion Cars By 2030

CarScoops, 3/29/22, ???? Check: Washington State Governor Signs Bill To Ban Sale Of ICE Cars By 2030

Seattle Medium, 3/29/22, ???? Check: Vehicles in Washington

Wards Auto, 3/29/22, ???? Check: Washington State Adopts Nation’s Earliest ICE-Phaseout Target

Dan Farber/Legal Planet, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Washington State Steps Up

The Detroit Bureau, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Washington Bans Sale of New Gas-Powered Vehicles After 2030

Independent Journal Review, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Washington State Lawmakers Move Ahead With Bill to Only Allow Sale of Electric Vehicles by 2030

NGT News, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Governor Signs Washington State Climate Bill Focused on Transportation

Autobody News, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Clean Cars 2030 Signed into Law in Washington State

GM Authority, 3/28/22, ???? Check: State Of Washington To Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles By 2030

KGMI, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Governor Inslee signs $17 billion transportation package

Patch, 3/28/22, ???? Check: New Target Set For Electric Cars

The Hill - Changing America, 3/28/22, ???? Check: Washington state sets target to end gas car sales by 2030

The Spokesman-Review, 3/28/22, ???? Check: An electric vehicle future is on the horizon – here’s how it could affect Spokane

NBC News, 3/26/22, ???? Check: Washington state plans to ban most non-electric vehicles by 2030

Grist, 3/25/22, ???? Check: The state that wants to end gas car sales by 2030

Electrek, 3/25/22, ???? Check: Washington passes bill to target all EV sales by 2030 – for real this time (Updated)

Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, 3/23/22, ???? Check: Washington state legislature passes 2030 target for gas vehicle phase-out

Electrive, 3/21/22, ???? Check: No new combustion vehicles in Washington State by 2030

Future Car, 3/20/22, ???? Check: Washington State Attempts to Ban Gas-Powered Cars Again

AutoWeek, 3/18/22, ???? Check: Washington Takes Another Stab at Banning Gas Cars

Green Car Reports, 3/17/22, ???? Check: Washington State aims to end gasoline car sales by 2030, really this time

Seattle Times, 3/16/22, ???? Check: Which cities have the most gas ‘superusers’ and how Seattle ranks

Inside EPA, 3/15/22, ???? Check: Novel Washington 2030 ZEV Target Touted As Boost to California Rules

Repairer Driven News, 3/15/22, ???? Check: Washington & Minnesota see future of EVs differently

KGMI Radio, 3/14/22, ???? Check: Matthew Metz: Electric Cars in Washington State

Green Car Congress, 3/14/22, ???? Check: Washington state legislature approves $16.9B transportation package; targeting all new cars to be electric with MY 2030

Utility Dive, 3/14/22, ???? Check: Washington legislators again mandate 100% electric new car sales by 2030

Smart Cities Dive, 3/14/22, ???? Check: Washington legislators again mandate 100% electric new car sales by 2030

GeekWire, 3/11/22, ???? Check: Washington state lawmakers go big on EV battery charging, scale back near-term rebates

NGT News, 3/11/22, ???? Check: Washington Targets 2030 as Year to End New Gasoline Vehicle Sales in State

Electrek, 3/11/22, ???? Check: Washington passes bill to ban gas car sales by 2030 – for real this time?

GeekWire, 3/9/22, ???? Check: As gas prices soar amid ban on Russian oil, will more drivers move to electric vehicles?

February 2022
January 2022

2021 Coltura Press

December 2021
November 2021

Autobody News, 11/30/21, ???? Check:  Poll Shows U.S. Majority Support for Urgent Transition to EVs

Electrek, 11/29/21, ???? Check:  US voters support all-EV sales by 2030, but governments and automakers are way behind

Inside EVs, 11/29/21, ???? Check:  Poll Shows US Majority Support For Urgent Transition To EVs

AutoSpies, 11/29/21, ???? Check:  At What Price? Recent Poll Says Voters Want A Rapid Transition To EVs

Green Car Reports, 11/28/21, Poll - ???? Check:  US majority supports EV transition by 2030, and there’s “generational urgency” behind it.

Clean Technica, 11/24/21, ???? Check:  Coltura Poll: US Voters Support Full Transition To EVs By 2030

NPR, 11/20/21, ???? Check:  Giving up gas-powered cars was a fringe idea. It's now on its way to reality

ValuePenguin, 11/17/21, ???? Check:  55% of U.S. Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Cars by 2030

URJA Daily, 11/17/21, ???? Check:  New York Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Vehicles

Environment Leader, 11/17/21, ???? Check:  CA and NM Voters Support Full Transition to Electric Vehicles by 2030

The Capitolist, 11/16/21, ???? Check:  Poll: Florida voters support electric car transition by 2030

Energy News Network, 11/16/21, ???? Check:  Poll: Majority of Massachusetts drivers expect to own electric vehicle soon

NPR, 11/15/21, ???? Check:  The age of gas cars could be ending

Everett Herald, 11/15/21, ???? Check:  Editorial: County jumpstarts its switch to electric vehicles

Clean Technica, 11/12/21, ???? Check:  World Leaders: Phase Out Sales Of New Gas Cars By 2030

August 2021
July 2021
June 2021
May 2021

Wired, 5/20/21, ???? Check:  All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads

Planetizen, 5/19/21, ???? Check:  A Green Governor Vetoes Electric Vehicle Legislation

The Daily World, 5/18/21, ???? Check:  Inslee explains veto of 2030 target for electric vehicles

Washington Examiner, 5/17/21, ???? Check:  Daily on Energy: Inslee Vetoes Gas-Powered Car Ban

TechCrunch, 5/17/21, ???? Check:  Policy corner

E&E News: Wash. axes nation's first all-EV-by-2030 plan

The Seattle Times, 5/15/21, ???? Check:  Inslee vetoes 2030 target for electric vehicles set by Washington Legislature

Green Car Congress, 5/14/21, ???? Check:  Washington governor vetoes legislation mandating all-electric new LDV sales by 2030

Utility Dive, 5/14/21, ???? Check:  Washington Gov. Inslee rejects legislature's effort to set 100% EV goal for 2030

KIRO (TV), 5/14/21, ???? Check:  Gov. Inslee vetoes measure to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

The Stranger, 5/14/21, ???? Check:  Slog: Inslee's getting veto-happy

Electrek, 5/13/21, ???? Check:  WA Gov. Inslee vetoes 2030 gas car ban, citing road usage fee concerns

Repairer Driven News, 5/13/21, ???? Check:  Inslee vetoes Wash. 2030 EV text, calls goal ‘too important’ to be conditional on road use charge

April 2021

The Guardian, 4/30/21, ???? Check:  Biden faces pressure to drive gasoline and diesel cars out of the US

The Hill, 4/30/21, ???? Check:  Governors pressure Biden to nationally phase out gas, diesel cars

Crosscut, 4/30/21, ???? Check:  Cascadia needs cleaner fuels to trim carbon emissions by 2030

The Seattle Times, 4/29/21, ???? Check:  Planning for the electric-vehicle future is smart policy

Whitman Wire, 4/29/21, ???? Check:  Washington state may phase out new gasoline cars beginning in 2030

Ellensburg Daily Record, 4/27/21, ???? Check:  Editorial: Legislature takes some bold steps

Electrek, 4/27/21, ???? Check:  New York State 2035 gas car ban passes through legislature, onto Cuomo

The Fuse, 4/26/21, ???? Check:  As EV Costs Decline, Policy Aims To Accelerate Transition

MotorTrend, 4/26/21, ???? Check:  The Auto Industry and EVs: Where We Are and What’s Coming Next, After Years of Crying Wolf?

The Driven, 4/26/21, ???? Check:  Honda to target 100% electric sales in US by 2040

KPQ (Radio), 4/25/21, ???? Check:  State Legislature Passes Several Contentious Bills As Session Comes to End

Puget Sound Business Journal, 4/22/21, ???? Check:  It's time to remove restrictions on electric vehicle sales in Washington

The Next Web, 4/22/21, ???? Check:  12 US states call for Biden to ban combustion cars from 2035

Forbes, 4/22/21, ???? Check:  Electric Vehicles Could Be The Norm By Earth Day No. 75

KHQ (TV), 4/22/21, ???? Check:  What’s a green job? Lisa Brown says Spokane is home to thousands of them and you might not even know it

Inside Climate News, 4/22/21, ???? Check:  Inside Clean Energy: Some Straight Talk about Renewables and Reliability

KFLD (Radio), 4/22/21, ???? Check:  More on WA ‘Ban’ On New Gasoline Vehicle Sales After 2030

Sequim Gazetter, 4/22/21, ???? Check:  How our lawmakers voted

KATU (TV), 4/21/21, ???? Check:  Governors, including Brown, Inslee, urge Biden to commit to zero-emission goals by 2035

Electrek, 4/21/21, ???? Check:  12 US governors ask Biden for all new vehicle sales to be 100% zero-emission by 2045

JD Supra, 4/21/21, ???? Check:  Foley Weekly Automotive Report

The Driven, 4/21/21, ???? Check:  Washington State moves to ban sales of new fossil fuel cars by 2030

Car Buzz, 4/21/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Prepares To Ban ICE Cars

Car Buzz, 4/20/21, ???? Check:  General Motors May Not Ditch Combustion Engines After 2035

LA Times, 4/20/21, ???? Check:  An Earth Day message for California: Move faster on climate change

Nisqually Valley News, 4/20/21, ???? Check:  How They Voted: Electric Vehicles by 2030 Mandate

GreenCar Reports, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Study: All new US vehicles can be electric by 2035, saving households $1,000 annually

KING (TV), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington could ban new gasoline cars by 2030

Grist, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington zooms ahead on EVs

KGMI (Radio), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  State Rep. Alex Ramel on electric cars and more….

KPQ (Radio), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Nearing Future Gas Powered Vehicle Sale Ban

Muscle Cars and Trucks, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington Announces Electric Vehicle Mandate by 2030

AutoEvolution, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington Becomes the First to Ban Gas Cars, California Gets Second Place

KIRO (TV), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  State lawmakers pass bill that could phase out gas car sales by 2030

KOMO (TV), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Lawmakers OK bill with goal to phase out new gas vehicle sales in Wash. state by 2030

KGMI (Radio), 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Bill setting a goal of all electric cars by 2030 goes to governor

The Detroit Bureau, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Banning Sale of Gas, Diesel Vehicles After 2030

Auto Evolution, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington Becomes the First to Ban Gas Cars, California Gets Second Place

CSP Daily News, 4/19/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Lawmakers Pass Bill Phasing Out Gasoline

HypeBeast, 4/18/21, ???? Check:  Washington State to Ban New Gas Vehicle Sales by 2030

Engadget, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Washington state votes for goal of banning new gas car sales by 2030

The Verge, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Washington state lawmakers vote to phase out gasoline cars by 2030

Car and Driver, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Plans to Ban Sales of Gasoline Cars after 2030

CleanTechnica, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Washington Sets Most Aggressive Gas Car Ban Yet

The Auto Channel, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Nutson's Weekly Auto News Review

Inside Hook, 4/17/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Bill Sets an Ambitious Deadline for the End of Gasoline Car Sales

The Everett Herald, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Editorial: Bills’ merger makes clean-driving future possible

Business Insider, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington state sets 2030 target date for banning the sale of gas-powered cars

AutoWeek, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington Races Ahead of California to Ban Gas Cars

Kelly Blue Book, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Moves to Ban Gasoline Cars…Sort Of

Ford Authority, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Passes Bill With Targeted 2030 ICE Vehicle Ban

The Truth about Cars, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington Wants to Become First State to Ban Gasoline Powered Cars

The Next Web, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington state effectively bans gasoline vehicles from 2030

E&E News, 4/16/21, Wash. Advances Nation's Most Aggressive All-EV Plan.

Jalopnik, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington Might Be The First State To Ban Gas Cars

Green Car Congress, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington state legislature passes law establishing setting MY2030 target for 100% electric new LDV sales

Green Car Reports, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State sets 2030 end date for gasoline vehicle sales: Most aggressive in the US

GM Authority, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Looking To Phase Out Gasoline Powered Cars By 2030

Autoblog, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington state passes bill seeking end of gasoline car sales by 2030

Modern Tire Dealer, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Sets Aggressive EV Deadline

Repairer Driven News, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Wash. bill requires electric cars by 2030 if ‘road usage charge’ widespread

Ratchet and Wrench, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington Passes Gas-Powered Vehicle Ban

AutoSpies, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Bans Fossil Fuel Vehicle Sales By 2030

Hindustan Times/HT Auto, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  This US state to ban petrol and diesel cars as early as by 2030

Washington State Wire, 4/15/21, ???? Check:  Washington State passes law establishing 2030 target for phasing out gasoline vehicles

Fast Company, 4/15/21, ???? Check:  Washington State plans to phase out new gas cars by 2030

Reuters, 4/15/21, ???? Check:  Washington state passes bill with goal to phase out gasoline cars

MyNorthwest, 4/16/21, ???? Check:  Washington solidifies goal to end sale of new gas-powered cars by 2030

The Energy Daily, 4/16/21, Washington OKs nation’s most aggressive EV transition

KNKX (Radio), 4/15/21, ???? Check:  Washington sets ambitious goal: All new cars sold will be electric by 2030

Electrek, 4/15/21, ???? Check:  Washington State bans gas cars by 2030 – the earliest in the US

The Everett Herald, 4/13/21, ???? Check:  State can lead the switch to electric vehicles (Op-Ed)

March 2021
February 2021

The Everett Herald, 2/26/21, ???? Check:  Editorial: Goal or mandate, encourage move to electric cars

E&E News, 2/26/21, Greens Press Biden for Swift Action on Tailpipe Standards  -  ???? Check: (Read the letter here)

Bloomberg Law, 2/25/21, ???? Check:  EV Boost Must Cover Environmental Justice, Advocates Say

Jalopnik, 2/24/21, ???? Check: Washington State Legislative Committee Aims For Ambitious EV Adoption Mandate In Nine Years

Autoweek, 2/24/21, ???? Check:  Washington State Bill Aims to Mandate EV-Only Sales by 2030

Electrek, 2/23/21, ???? Check:  Washington state advances bill to ban gas cars by 2030, one-upping California

The Suburban Times, 2/23/21, ???? Check:  Clean Cars are my future (Op-Ed)

Green Car Congress, 2/23/21, ???? Check:  Washington State House Committee advances legislation mandating all-electric new LDV sales by MY 2030

The Center Square, 2/22/21, ???? Check:  Washington Democrats, GOP pave way for gas tax fight on long road to transportation budget

Bainbridge Island Review, 2/20/21, ???? Check:  Ambitious Plan (Op-Ed)

Kitsap Sun, 2/19/21, ???? Check:  Changing the status quo on what we drive (Op-Ed)

The News Tribune, 2/19/21, ???? Check:  Let’s set a deadline, Washington: Make all new vehicles electric in next 10 years (Op-Ed)

The Hill, 2/17/21, ???? Check:  Driving toward a 2030 phaseout of gas cars in Washington state

PBS (TV), 2/8/2021, ???? Check:  Gas Powered Vehicle Phase Out

KXLY (TV), 2/4/2021, ???? Check:  New bill could require electric-only cars be sold in Washington

Utility Dive, 2/3/2021, ???? Check:  As GM gives 'huge' boost to EVs, states vary in advancing supportive policies, reports find

Road Show, 2/3/2021, ???? Check:  Gas-powered cars face 2030 ban in new Washington state legislation

The Hill, 2/3/2021, ???? Check:  Washington state bill would require all new cars be electric by 2030

ABC News, 2/3/2021, ???? Check:  Washington state may require all new cars sold be electric by 2030

Green Car Congress, 2/1/2021, ???? Check:  Washington state legislature considering bill mandating all-electric LDVs after MY 2030

Green Car Reports, 2/1/2021, ???? Check:  Washington State bill would make new cars and trucks all-electric by 2030

KIRO (Radio), 2/1/2021, ???? Check:  Local organization pushes WA bill that would mandate electric cars by 2030

KUOW (Radio), 2/1/2021, ???? Check:  Washington lawmakers consider shifting all new car sales to electric-only by 2030

The Urbanist, 2/1/2021, ???? Check:  Macri Bill Proposes Banning New Fossil Fuel Cars in 2030

2020 Coltura Press

October 2020
September 2020
August 2020
July 2020
May 2020
March 2020
February 2020

American Bar Association Journal, 2/27/20, ???? Check: 7 ways lawyers can join the fight to curb climate change (Op-Ed)

The Urbanist, 2/26/20, ???? Check: Why Washington Should Require All New Cars Sold in State to be Electric By 2030

E&E News, 2/14/20, Gasoline car bans: EV savior or 'stupid' idea?

The Seattle Times, 2/5/20, ???? Check: Banning gas cars? It’s a ‘fringe crazy bill’ no longer

January 2020

2019 Coltura Press


Washington State Wire, 12/10/19, ???? Check: Regulation is key to reducing transportation emissions (Op-Ed)

November 2019

Mobile Movie Making, 11/27/19, ???? Check: Music Video Calls for a Gasoline-Free World

October 2019
September 2019
May 2019
March 2019
February 2019

2018 Coltura Press

September 2018

Planetizen, 9/18/18, ???? Check: Phasing Out the Internal Combustion Engine No Easy Task

KRON San Francisco (TV), 9/13/18, ???? Check: Gas Ghosts at Global Climate Action Summit

Univision San Francisco (TV), 9/13/18, ???? Check: Gas Ghosts at Global Climate Action Summit

Washington State Bar Business Law Section, Fall 2018, ???? Check: Recharge Required Summary Recharge Required

June 2018
May 2018

Government Fleet, 5/31/18, ???? Check: Report: Wash. Agencies Aren't in Compliance with EV Rule

March 2018

CleanTechnica, 3/20/18, ???? Check: Why California Needs AB 1745

January 2018

KZFR (Radio), 1/30/18, ???? Check: Zero Emissions 2040

2017 Coltura Press

December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
September 2017

The Seattle Times, 9/29/17, ???? Check: He knows it’s crazy, but this Seattle guy is pushing a total ban on gas cars

Vancouver Is Awesome, 9/7/17, ???? Check: Gas Trap: Bursting the carbon bubble

August 2017

The Georgia Straight, 8/29/17, ???? Check: The Gas Trap takes a dramatic look at the consequences of gasoline use

San Francisco Chronicle, 8/8/17, ???? Check: California should phase out gas-powered cars (Op-Ed)

The Olympian, 8/6/17, ???? Check: Washington Should Lead in Phasing Out Gasoline (Op-Ed)

May 2017
March 2017

Capitol Hill Times, 3/6/17, Green Neighborhood Revolution

2016 Coltura Press

September 2016

The Stranger, 9/17/16, ???????? Check: Can Performance Art Fight Climate Change?

The Seattle Channel (TV), 9/16/16, ???????? Check: Art Zone: Matthew Metz, Coltura Gas

KOMO (Radio), 9/9/16, “Gasoline Ghosts”

The Seattle Times, 9/6/16, ???????? Check: Seattle street clowns aim to provoke smiles, change hearts on gasoline use