Take Action to help speed the Switch to clean alternatives to gasoline

Gasoline and diesel exhaust are the single biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. There is so much each of us can do to speed the transition away from polluting gasoline vehicles to clean alternatives. We invite you to explore the various ways you can help. Even dedicating a few minutes, from the comfort of home, can make a big difference. From signing a petition, to posting on Facebook, to contacting the mayor, to changing how you get around, there’s something for everyone.

Washington: Support HB 1832, calling for a study of government fleet electrification

Washington: Support SB 5811, the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate bill

Sign the Petition to phase out gasoline

Go Gasoline Free

Act Locally

Contact Your Automakers and tell them to make more electric vehicle models

California: Support AB40, calling for a plan for California to phase out new gasoline vehicles by 2040

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