Call to action: Tell the EPA not to roll back clean car standards (comments due by Oct 26)

The EPA is proposing to roll back fuel economy standards for our cars. It also wants to take away California’s decades-old ability to set stricter vehicle emissions standards than the federal government requires. Twelve other states have followed California’s leadership and adopted similar standards.

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The public comment period ends Oct 26, so take action now!

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Here are some sample talking points. Feel free to personalize, or copy and paste.

  • This is to strongly OPPOSE the administration’s plan to roll back the clean car standards and take away California’s ability to set stricter vehicle emissions standards than the federal government.

  • Rolling back clean car standards will mean drivers spend an extra $20 billion on gas by 2025 (nearly $50 billion by 2035).

  • The rollback will also mean more tailpipe emissions, causing more air pollution, asthma, cancers, heart and lung disease, dementia and premature deaths – especially for people who must commute long distances or live near busy roads.

  • Transportation is also the single biggest source of carbon emissions.  Overloading the atmosphere with more CO2 will only worsen the impacts of climate change we are already seeing in severe natural disasters.

  • And if that weren’t bad enough, moving backward on technology instead of forward will also cut 60,000 jobs by 2025 and 126,000 by 2035. US auto companies will fall behind the competition.

  • Also, please maintain the rules that lets California set stricter auto emission standards than the federal government requires.  California has some of the worst air quality in the nation, and should be allowed to set stricter standards to address the source of 80% of its smog.

  • Clean car standards are good for drivers, manufacturers, the economy, public health, air quality and healthy climate. Rolling them back would be disastrous across the board.