Tell Your Lawmakers: Accelerate the Transition to Clean Vehicles

As awareness grows that gasoline vehicle emissions are taking a serious toll on our health, climate and economy, a switch to clean vehicles is happening. But the market is not making the transition quickly enough. Favorable policy is needed to speed things up.

As a constituent, you can help by urging your legislators to ensure infrastructure and incentives are in place to enable a rapid switch to clean, zero emissions vehicles and to make laws accelerating the phase-out of gasoline vehicles. 


Here’s what to do:

1.     Find contact info for your state legislators here

2.     Customize the following letter template and send.

Subject line: Please phase out gas vehicles, and accelerate the transition to clean vehicles

Dear Senator/Assembly Member,

This is to urge you to phase out gasoline vehicles in our state and accelerate the transition to clean vehicles.

Vehicle emissions are the leading cause of air pollution. They increase risks of asthma, heart disease, lung disease, cancer and dementia. They cause 53,000 deaths a year in the U.S. – more deaths than car crashes (38,000) or secondhand smoke (41,000).  The worst effects are on children, and people who commute in heavy traffic or live near busy roads. 

Transportation is also the single biggest source of carbon emissions in the nation. Cutting vehicle carbon emissions is one of the most effective climate actions we can take.

Moving to clean vehicles will also save residents money on gasoline, create green jobs, spur economic growth and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Please make a plan to phase out sales of gasoline vehicles in our state by 2030, consistent with the global trend. To help us get there, please: support legislation to ensure sufficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electric power for mass electric vehicle adoption; and create incentives to spur the sale of electric vehicles such as preferential HOV lane access, lower tolls, vehicle registration discounts, and preferred parking.

Thank you for your leadership.



[Your name, email address and street address]


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