Take Action: Demand That Automakers Develop More Electric Models

181205 electric truck.jpg

Automakers hold the keys to phasing out gasoline cars and accelerating to clean vehicles. Coming out with our favorite makes and models in non-gasoline, emissions-free versions will go far to address the health, climate and foreign oil dependency problems caused by internal combustion engines. 

And it will put money back in our pockets. Lifetime costs for many electric vehicles are already cheaper than for gas cars, due to lower fuel and maintenance costs. Growing demand for clean vehicles will prompt investment in battery technology and enable economies of scale, which will ultimately make sticker prices cheaper as well. Check out all the benefits of moving to electric vehicles here.

Large auto companies are now faced with important choices regarding the future of gas-burning cars: Some executives see the transition away from gasoline cars and trucks as inevitable, and want to get ahead of the curve to preserve their market share as consumers switch to clean vehicles. Others want to delay the transition away from gasoline cars as long as possible, to profit from the investments they’ve made in internal combustion engine technology, manufacturing, engine factories and marketing.

A bit of love and encouragement from customers and shareholders could help the automakers do the right thing. Let auto executives hear from you. Imagine your letter framed on the boardroom wall, having made the critical difference in changing hearts and minds.


What to Do:

  1. Contact your automakers via social media such as their Facebook page. Inquire as to when they will be coming out with electric versions of their various models, and encourage them to do so ASAP. When they post about bringing a new electric car to market, congratulate and thank them.

  2. Contact your automakers by email or letter. Copy your local dealer, too.

Sample Message:

Dear [automaker],

[Explain your connection to the automaker –own/lease, shareholder.  E.g, “My first car was a Honda.” Or “I have owned Fords for the last 25 years.”]

This is to urge you to come out with a clean, non-gasoline model of [model name] as soon as possible, with a long range and fast charging capacity, at a similar price to the gas model. 

I am concerned about the health and climate impacts of gasoline vehicles. I want to drive a [model] without the air pollution from internal combustion that’s toxic to me, my family, neighbors, community, and others in traffic around me. I also want to do my part to cut carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change, and to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Please let me know what you are doing to accelerate the transition to clean vehicles. I hope we can travel into the future together.


[Name, address, phone]