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Support electrification of government fleet vehicles in Washington state

Coltura worked with Washington legislators to get HB 1832 introduced. The current version of this bill calls for a study on switching state and local government fleet vehicles to electric vehicles.

The House Committee on State Government and Tribal Relations Committee passed the bill on February 22. After that, key portions of the bill were folded into a larger transportation budget bill which is awaiting approval.

To urge support for this bill, email your representatives

Send the message below, or (better!) use your own words.


Subject: Support for funding for Public Fleet Electrification study

Dear Representative,

This is to urge your support for the pending transportation budget bill, and particularly the public fleet electrification study therein, which studies how Washington state and local governments can achieve a fully electric fleet.

The study is the first step toward developing a plan and requirements for fleet electrification. Electrifying government fleets will benefit Washington citizens by:

  • Keeping millions of fuel dollars local instead of going to foreign oil providers

  • Saving taxpayers millions of dollars on fuel and maintenance costs each year

  • Reducing carbon emissions and air pollution

  • Reducing the threat to chinook salmon from toxic petroleum runoff

  • Paving the way for Washington to make a complete switch to electric vehicles.

I hope you will support this important bill.  Thank you for your leadership on this issue.


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Every person who sends this can make a huge impact on the future of electric vehicles in Washington.

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