Our Mission

Coltura accelerates America's transition away from gasoline use.  Our goal is to phase out sales of new gasoline vehicles by 2030.



Policy: We are pursuing state laws to phase out sales of new gasoline passenger vehicles by 2030.  We are currently focusing on California and Washington -- phasing out gas vehicles in those states will blaze the path for other states and the entire country to stop using gasoline.

We are forging a new and powerful coalition in opposition to gasoline, and leading the campaign to accelerate the transition away from gas vehicles towards cleaner alternatives.


Culture:  Coltura is changing the cultural meaning of gasoline and leading the no-gasoline movement.  

Art opens new pathways for people to see gasoline in a fresh light.  We use the arts to foster intolerance of gasoline's adverse effects on human health and the environment and mobilize opposition. 

Why Gasoline?

Stopping gasoline use is the most effective way to address air pollution and climate change.

Emissions from gasoline vehicles are the single largest contributor to air pollution in the US, causing 58,000 premature deaths per year. Risks are highest for children and those living near busy roads or commuting in traffic.

The transportation sector is also the single biggest source of carbon emissions in the US, accounting for 32% of our carbon footprint.

Americans spend billions of dollars per year on gasoline to power their vehicles, much of which goes to OPEC countries instead of into our own economy.

Although the adverse health, climate and economic impacts from gasoline are enormous and there are now viable alternatives, 99% of vehicles in the U.S. are gas-powered.  Stopping gasoline use will improve our health and climate, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, boost the American economy and create jobs.

Why Coltura?

Coltura was the first organization to call out gas consumption as undesirable and anti-social -- a bad habit that people concerned about health, air pollution and climate change should avoid.

Coltura’s unique focus on changing the cultural acceptability of gasoline through art, social media and grassroots political action is starting new conversations, impacting hearts and minds, and galvanizing support for policies to end gasoline use. Coltura makes its case while maintaining a positive, non-accusatory, humorous and artistically-interesting outlook.  

Coltura's name is a mashup of CO2 and culture, and reflects its desire to conjure a cultural movement away from gasoline.