Coltura accelerates America's transition away from gasoline use.  Our goal is for gasoline no longer to be used in the U.S. after 2040.


We foment  intolerance of gasoline's adverse effects on human health and the environment through contemporary cultural idiom and techniques.  We seek to change the culture around gasoline use.  We help people cross the bridge from polluter to clean mover.    We communicate our ideas through art, advertising, social media, and public performance.

Why Gasoline?

Reducing gasoline demand is one of the most effective ways to address climate change.  The social acceptability of gasoline is declining as better alternatives to gasoline use advance.  Coltura believes that it can accelerate this trend by changing the cultural meaning of gasoline, and stimulate a consumer movement away from its use.

Why Coltura?

Coltura believes that the powerful connection between people and gasoline can be severed if people decide that they no longer want it to be part of their lives.  Before Coltura, few if any organizations have sought to redefine gas consumption as ultimately undesirable and anti-social--something that people who recycle and are concerned about climate change will seek to avoid.   Coltura makes its case while maintaining a positive, non-accusatory, humorous and artistically interesting outlook.  

The Coltura name is an amalgam of Co2 and Culture, and reflects its desire to conjure a cultural movement away from gasoline.

Coltura History


Founded as a 501(c)(3) organization by Matthew Metz.  


Organized the world's first No Gasoline Day

Produced performance of costumed actors outside a gasoline station at the foot of the Space Needle

Produced "Gasoline" and "Bad Habits," video shorts about gasoline.


Prototyped "Gas Ghosts," street theater performances at five Seattle locations.  

Receives major write-ups in the Seattle Times, the Stranger, and its work is featured on the Seattle Channel. 


New board joins Coltura.

Wins Sustainable Seattle's Arts and Culture Award.

Hosts "Green Neighborhood Revolution" event drawing together leaders of environmental, electric car organizations, transit agencies, and political organizations.

Gas-Free Planning

Getting off gasoline usually takes planning and time.  Coltura offers the opportunity to make your own  "Gas-Free Plan" using our planning tool. We'll help you commit to a making your lifestyle gasoline-free and offer you support in your transition from a gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle, public transit, ridesharing, biking, or walking. . 

Art In Action

Art is the inspiration and lifeblood of Coltura. In a policy arena that is dominated by bureaucrats and economists, Coltura adds a splash of creativity and heart.   Art helps people absorb the message more deeply than they can just hearing facts and figures. 

We collaborate with artists on many disciplines in our initiative, including theater artists, painters, filmmakers, and musicians.  We also aim to foment cultural transmission between artists, so that gasoline becomes an important topic for art. 

We curate a collection of unique environmental advocacy artwork from artists around the world. 


Proud Recipient Of The 2017 Sustainable Seattle Award

Arts And Culture: Building A Sustainable Community